Noah's Freeze Dried Sweets is a bespoke confectionary business located in Newcastle NSW, inspired by a 7-year-old girl “Noah” who refused to let go of her first “incredibly amazing taste ever” Freeze Dried Sweet when she visited a local community market with her family in 2022.

Since then, Noah returned to the local market every weekend with family in the hope of finding the special sweets stall again, but they never returned… So, Noah (with the help of her parents) established “Noah’s Freeze Dried Sweets” and decided to produce them for ourselves.

Noah dreams of having all her friends try a Freeze Dried Sweet at least once in their lifetime. “I like that the gummy bears are 10 times the size of a normal one, I really like the green and blue ones and the way they tingle in your mouth, kinda fizzy but they soak in your mouth…

We hope you try our large range of exciting freeze-dried sweets for you and your family to enjoy!

-Noah X